Wednesday, April 23, 2008

England is now in eleven place at 1098 FIFA World Ranking

As there was not much soccer competition going on this two month, the FIFA World Ranking remains the same as Argentina top the list and stays as FIFA world Ranking no. 1 with a point of 1519 and still follow by Brazil at 1509 points. Italy the world cups champion in 2006 stays at third place at 1391, Spain at 1319, Germany 1261, Czech Republic stay in six place at 1234 points, France in seventh place at 1205 follow by Greece 1187, Portugal 1125 and in tenth place is Holland.

England the world champion in 1966 and much talked around the world of its class soccer and for the first after their world cup champion drops below the top ten ranking by FIFA World Ranking personal because of its poor performers in the European competition and show the exit door in this coming European cup. Without England in the games for the cup, I find the game was not very much talked and lost its games value. England is now in eleven place at 1098 points.

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