Thursday, October 30, 2008

European countries stay top three in FIFA World ranking

After the European cup the ranking of the FIFA world ranking changes as we see Spain for the first time went top of the world ranking after winning the European cups beating Germany in the final. Till the beginning of October 2008 Spain which collected 1643 point stay top followed by Italy the last world cup champion at 1365. Germany the loser to Spain in the European cups stay at third placing collecting 1336 points. The present placing we saw three top European countries stay at top three. Brazil who won the most world cup stays forth at 1280 points.

Today's we see many countries going up and down in the FIFA World Ranking. Some countries which was not very good in soccer before are moving up. England one of the most talked about in football keeps going down in position. Now the country stay at fourteen places collecting 982. This is one of the worse position for a countries which are most admire by many countries of its great football. Seeing other countries going down are Argentina, Netherlands and Portugal. Argentina will be manager in the coming world cup by the HAND OF GOD Diego Maradona.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The latest top ten FIFA World Ranking

After three month the FIFA World Ranking still remain the same as Argentina still head the groups in the world ranking. The ranking will be change after the European Cups as ranking like Turkey and Russia will go up as this countries has already enter the semi- final. Seeing the charts world cups champion Italy will go down a ranking as Italy are not playing a good soccer this Europeon cups, losing to Holland, drawing to Romania and beating France in the first round. In the second round lost to Spain.

Some of the countries in south America will see some changes after the world cup qualify round. Cuba one of the best countries in football drops many ranking and Jamaica. In Asia countries like Australia will go up and also one or two countries in middle east.

Till today the FIFA World Ranking is still Argentina top the list follow closely by Brazil and last world cup champion Italy. Spain stay forth follow by Germany, Czech republic, France, Greece, England and Holland. This are the latest top ten FIFA World Ranking and will see some changes after the early July 2008.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

England is now in eleven place at 1098 FIFA World Ranking

As there was not much soccer competition going on this two month, the FIFA World Ranking remains the same as Argentina top the list and stays as FIFA world Ranking no. 1 with a point of 1519 and still follow by Brazil at 1509 points. Italy the world cups champion in 2006 stays at third place at 1391, Spain at 1319, Germany 1261, Czech Republic stay in six place at 1234 points, France in seventh place at 1205 follow by Greece 1187, Portugal 1125 and in tenth place is Holland.

England the world champion in 1966 and much talked around the world of its class soccer and for the first after their world cup champion drops below the top ten ranking by FIFA World Ranking personal because of its poor performers in the European competition and show the exit door in this coming European cup. Without England in the games for the cup, I find the game was not very much talked and lost its games value. England is now in eleven place at 1098 points.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The top ten in FIFA world ranking

After the European cup results, we saw England drop to eleven spots from the top six places by FIFA world ranking, a results saw the sacking of their manager Steve. Last 2 years Italy the world cup holders in 2006 saw them dropped to third place behind Argentina and five times cups holders Brazil.

Argentina whose is top in the world cup ranking in February 2008 has 1518 points, follow closer by Brazil at 1502 points. Italy the world cup holders at 1484 points. Futher away Spain whose is in forth place at 1352 p0ints. Germany in fifth place at 1281 points, Czech Republic in sixth place follow by France, 7th, Portugal in 8th place, 9th place is Holland and Greece in ten places at 1142 points. England the first time below the ten place margin had only 1133 points to show.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

FIFA to name 2014 host country

Brazil hosting of the 2014 World cup is expected to be confirmed at the end of october 2007 thats is somewhere today after FIFA finalised its selection. FIFA world soccer governing body said it would name the host on october following a meeting of its excutive meeting committee.

Brazil FIFA world ranking number one,and the country thats holds the world cups the most times are host to the world cup in 1950 which they lost to Uruguay by 2-1 margin in their capital of Rio de Janeiro. With the changes of the FIFA World Ranking last year, The number one ranking had been changing hand between this three country, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. Before it was Brazil all the time. The last world cup that the south America country host are in Argentina in the year 1978 where the host won the world cup.

Friday, August 24, 2007

South Africa will host 2010 world cup

Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that the world cups for the year 2010 that is going to held in South Africa would go ahead as planned even though football govering body had madeplans for a last minute venue switch. He said it was only Prudent for alternatives changes to be considered should unforseen diaster srtrike.

Sepp Blatter said no others African country was on the list despite as it being the continents turns to stage the world cup in South Africa if South Africa is unable to stage the world cup. There are many other country that can stage the world cup in a few year preparation. Countries like England, United States, Spain, Mexico and Japan.

South Africa who is now FIFA World Ranking number 61th is planned to build 10 new stadiums for the 2010 world cup and dismissed suggestions that it will not be ready on time that worry the football govering body. During the meeting the Fifa has suggest giving more helps to the referees by dobling the linesman from two to four.

Brazil are now FIFA World Ranking number one

This year 2007 we see alot of changes in the FIFA World Ranking standing. Just a few month back we see Italy which won the world cup in 2006 became world ranking number one and France shoot up in second spots while Brazil which won the most world cups drops to number three position. Japan who fail to defend as a campion in the Asain cups drop to 41 position and south Korea moves up to 50 position.

With the 2007 copa America game this month where the final was play between Brazil and Argentina and eventually Brazil won the cups by beating Argentina by two goals became FIFA World Ranking number one. Argentina who lost to Brazil and the favourite to win the Copa America cups is now world ranking number two. Italy drops to thirds position and follows by France and Germany. England the most talk teams in the world are out of the top 10 ranking, there are now on the 12th position due to there recent bad performers in their games.

Countries like USA are in the 17 the place, Croatia a good result in the Euro 2008 qualifying round are up in the six position behind Germany. Malaysia a country where I lived is drops to 156 position after a very bad result in the recent Asian cups.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Maradona hand goal was voted the best goal of all time.

Hungarian not in the top twenty of the FIFA World Ranking was voted second best team of all time after Brazil's who is now the third FIFA World Ranking. Hungarian side of 1953 was voted second best and Dutch side that lose in the 1974 World cups final to West Germany. During that time, the Dutch team was captain by the one time superstar Johan Cruff.

While Maradona was voted the best top goalscorers by World Soccer Magazine from the second goal score against England in 1986 World cups quater-final, Dutchman Marco Van Basten goal against the soviet Union in Holland's victory in the 1988 Europeon Championship final was voted the second best and Zinedine Zidane's was voted the third best playing for Real Madrid in their 2002 champions leaque final victory over Bayer Leverkusen.

Brazil's 1970 world cup voted the best team of all time

Brazil 1970 World cup winning teams and FIFA world ranking number one at that time has been voted the best of all time in a global poll of experts conducted by world soccer magazine. The greatest goal of all time was score by Diego Maradona's was judged the best goal during the quater-final match against England where Argentina won the match 2-1 in the 1986 World cups in Mexico.

The vote for the greatest match of all time completed a hattrick for events that took place in Mexico World cups. The experts opted for the 1970 semi- final in mexico city in which Italy, now 2007 FIFA World Ranking number one, beat Germany 4-3 in extra time after a heart pounching match.

World Soccer Magazine described Brazil's 1970 winners as more than a team adding the Brazilian side that won the 1970 World cup in such style have become a myth, a team to be held up as the ultimate exponents of the beautiful game.