Thursday, June 26, 2008

The latest top ten FIFA World Ranking

After three month the FIFA World Ranking still remain the same as Argentina still head the groups in the world ranking. The ranking will be change after the European Cups as ranking like Turkey and Russia will go up as this countries has already enter the semi- final. Seeing the charts world cups champion Italy will go down a ranking as Italy are not playing a good soccer this Europeon cups, losing to Holland, drawing to Romania and beating France in the first round. In the second round lost to Spain.

Some of the countries in south America will see some changes after the world cup qualify round. Cuba one of the best countries in football drops many ranking and Jamaica. In Asia countries like Australia will go up and also one or two countries in middle east.

Till today the FIFA World Ranking is still Argentina top the list follow closely by Brazil and last world cup champion Italy. Spain stay forth follow by Germany, Czech republic, France, Greece, England and Holland. This are the latest top ten FIFA World Ranking and will see some changes after the early July 2008.