Monday, May 07, 2007

FIFA World Ranking for Asian countries keep droping

The changes take places in this year FIFA World Ranking are quite fast due to many countries commitment in the European and Asian cups. Italy after winning the 2006 world cups has jumps to second place behind Brazil, the most world cups champions With the early changes Argentina became FIFA World Ranking follow by Italy and Brazil. The latest changes see Italy becomes the worls number one FIFA World Ranking

The changes also see England Drops to eight sports following poor result in this year European qualiflying games. Argentina goes down to second place while Brazil which is always number one in FIFA World Ranking stay in third placing. French and Germany remaind fourth and fifth placing. Holland and Portugal up one placing, there are now six and seven placing above England.

Fot the Asian countries Japan and South Korea drops to 46th and 51st placing. Malaysia last time in soccer a fear country in Asia drops to 151th placing and will be droping if the standard of soccer is not improved compare to neighbouring country Singapore and is now above Malaysia in 124th position.

Most of the teams in Africa is improving their position, while many teams in Europe has slight changes in their ranking. USA are in 29th placing now.