Friday, August 24, 2007

South Africa will host 2010 world cup

Fifa president Sepp Blatter said that the world cups for the year 2010 that is going to held in South Africa would go ahead as planned even though football govering body had madeplans for a last minute venue switch. He said it was only Prudent for alternatives changes to be considered should unforseen diaster srtrike.

Sepp Blatter said no others African country was on the list despite as it being the continents turns to stage the world cup in South Africa if South Africa is unable to stage the world cup. There are many other country that can stage the world cup in a few year preparation. Countries like England, United States, Spain, Mexico and Japan.

South Africa who is now FIFA World Ranking number 61th is planned to build 10 new stadiums for the 2010 world cup and dismissed suggestions that it will not be ready on time that worry the football govering body. During the meeting the Fifa has suggest giving more helps to the referees by dobling the linesman from two to four.

Brazil are now FIFA World Ranking number one

This year 2007 we see alot of changes in the FIFA World Ranking standing. Just a few month back we see Italy which won the world cup in 2006 became world ranking number one and France shoot up in second spots while Brazil which won the most world cups drops to number three position. Japan who fail to defend as a campion in the Asain cups drop to 41 position and south Korea moves up to 50 position.

With the 2007 copa America game this month where the final was play between Brazil and Argentina and eventually Brazil won the cups by beating Argentina by two goals became FIFA World Ranking number one. Argentina who lost to Brazil and the favourite to win the Copa America cups is now world ranking number two. Italy drops to thirds position and follows by France and Germany. England the most talk teams in the world are out of the top 10 ranking, there are now on the 12th position due to there recent bad performers in their games.

Countries like USA are in the 17 the place, Croatia a good result in the Euro 2008 qualifying round are up in the six position behind Germany. Malaysia a country where I lived is drops to 156 position after a very bad result in the recent Asian cups.