Tuesday, June 19, 2007

France climb to second in FIFA ranking

Europe stole a march on South America in June's FIFA world ranking list released on this month with France leapfrogging Brazil and Argentina to take second spots, while 2006 world cup champions Italy held onto first place. Back to back victories in Europe 2008 qualifiers this month buoyed both France and Germany, which rose to fourth placing in the world, its higest position in more than four years.

Breaking up into the top 20 were the United States, Sweden, Ghana and Ivory Coast. Their fortunes constrasted with Turkey, Scothland,Russia and Mexico, all of which feel several places. The biggest surge albeit lower down the rankings, came from Armenia which climbed to 48th position from 80th position due to an upset victory over Poland.

FIFA world ranking body sain the rankings would likely be shaken up in the coming months with the Copa America and more Europe 2008 qualifiers taken into account, while results from last year's world cup diminshing in value. The placings of the top twenty are :

1) Italy
2) France
3) Brazil
4) Germany
5) Argentina
6) Portugal
7) Spain
8) England
9) Holland
10) Czech Republic
11) Croatia
12) Romamia
13) Ukraine
14) Cameroon
15) Greece
16) United State
17) Sweden
18) Poland
19) Ghana
20) Ivory Coast

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