Wednesday, September 13, 2006

FIFA World Ranking : Italy is now world no. 2 in racking

Italy became fifa world ranking numbers two after won the fifa world cup in the year 2006 by beating France 2-0 in the finals. Brazil still remains world ranking numbers one after losing to France in the semi-finals. Germany as a host losing to Italy in the semi-finals and beating portugal for third placing stay in 9th position.

Argentina stays in third placing follows by France 4th, England 5th, Holland 6th, Spain 7th, Portugal 8th, Germany 9th and 10th placing Czech Republic.

U.S.A drop to 23 position and Japan occopy 48th position after friendy match against Tri and Tob.


Vishnu said...

France defeated Brazil in the quarter finals, and not in the semis.

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