Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fifa world ranking- Brazil still no.1

This year 2006 world cup finals are being held in Germany and it promises to be a very exciting and entertaining event. The tournament which only takes place every four years is in my opinion the biggest sporting event which takes place. It means everything to all of the players taking part as well as to the supporters.

Italy won the world cup this year and is Fifa world ranking number 2 behind Brazil.

USA is one disappointing teams losing to Czechs 3-0, drawing to Italy the eventually world chamption 1-1 and finally lost to Ghana 2-1. After the first round exit the American soccer team fell from 5th to 16th in the FIFA World rankings.

England is one best team to watch. They play a very good attacking and defence game
but lack the finish touch and their poor penalty takker.

Brazil is one of the team to watch but lost to France in the semi.

This year world cup we saw all the the European country in the semi and the final.

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