Monday, August 07, 2006

FIFA World Ranking : 1999 ranking update

When the FIFA World rankings were initially introduced, a team received one point for a draw and three for a victory in FIFA-recognized matches - much the same as a traditional league scoring system. This was a quite simplistic approach, however, and FIFA quickly realised that there were many factors affecting international matches. In order to meet the objective of fairly and accurately comparing the relative strengths of various national sides, the system was updated.

The major changes were as follows:

the point ranking was scaled up by a factor of ten
the method of calculation was changed to take into account factors including:
the number of goals scored or conceded
whether the match was played at home or away
the importance of a match or competition
regional strength
a fixed number of points were no longer necessarily awarded for a victory or a draw
match losers were able to earn points

Two new awards were introduced as part of the system:

Team of the Year
Best Mover of the Year
The changes made the ranking system more complex, but helped improve its accuracy by making it more comprehensive.

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