Friday, April 06, 2007

Argentina FIFA world ranking number one 2007

Brazil to the FIFA World Ranking always stay number one ranking in the world because of their times of winning the soccer world cups. Italy won the world cups in 2006 beating France in the finals promoted to second place behind the popular country, Brazil. Argentina the world FIFA world ranking taking third place after the world cup are now the favourite in FIFA world ranking. Staying number one ranking in the FIFA world ranking for the first time beating brazil and Italy having 1616 points.Italy remains in second place with a point of 1592 and Brazil all times number one drops to third place having secure 1557 points

England one of the best country to watch them playing soccer drops from fifth place to six place because of their poor performers during this european match only secure 1339 points, France in forth with 1515 points, Germany in fifth with 1390, follow by Holland 1313, Portugal 1288, Czech rep 1195 and ten place is Spain with 1161 points.

The others evelven sports to twenty are as follows Ukraine 1037, Croatia 982, Greece 961, Romania 919, Sweden 914, Scothland 911, Switzerland 906, Cameroon 893, Ghana 881 and Ivory Coast 875.

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